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Italia Campione del Mondo – part 4

Honestly I’m surprised myself about the accuracy of my forecasts regarding the Squadra Azzurra so far. (The good thing is, that I started to bet on them from the very beginning.) So here is my last one.

Of course Italy will win on sunday, otherwise I would have chosen another heading. And I’m happy they will face France instead of Portugal. Although “Les Bleus” have got several brilliant players, there are also lots of weak points, like Fabien Barthez, who reminds me more of a clown than a solid number 1. And don’t forget, it’s now the 7th game in a row for “Les Vieux”, which had to invest 100% and even more every time, and many of them are getting more and more tired like other teams before. Without the ingenuity of Zizou the game of France is very uninspired, Henry and others will starve in the Italian penalty area. So playing fast and directly ahead by the Italians looks promising, because this will be too much for the old and slow French defense.

To win the final definitely looks easier than the task before to beat the Germans on their home ground. Furthermore there is a funny Italian championship-statistic: since 1970 they stood in the finals every 12 years, which they alternately won and lost. 1994 they lost …


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Italia Campione del Mondo – part 3

Ok, this will be a tough game tonight, although I was dreaming of this fixture at the beginning. The real funny thing is, that Germany will start as favourite, which would have been unbelievable at least one month ago. Why is it? Ok, they played really well. But then against the strong Argentines they have been the weaker team. And it seems to me that many players feel drained and appear to be tired due to their powerful and intensive way to play. And now one of the strongest Germans, Frings, is missing. Any change of the German showpiece so far, the strong defensive midfield, will make life not easier for the defense. So I’m expecting lots of challenges for the German defensive players, which will lead to mistakes as it happened before the tournament.

And what about my Azzurri? They played as always, very efficient and tactically superb. They improved from game to game and still have lots of reserves. Nobody knows how strong they are actually. The whole Squadra is very balanced with lots of very good players and tactical innovations on the bench. One striker (Toni), two strikers (Toni together with Gilardino) or even three (Inzaghi)? With Totti or Del Piero? Or both together or nobody at all? Everything will work and is possible. Together with the strongest defense this team is very difficult to figure out and play against.

So as long as the Italians stay disciplined and do not accept emotions from outside, it should be a clear win for Italy again, as always against Germany during championships.

July 4, 2006 at 7:53 am 3 comments

Italia Campione del Mondo – part 2

No fear at all this time, Italy will stand head and shoulders above Ukraine, which is the most easiest opponent at all to play against amongst all the remaining teams. Anyway, I don’t expect a clear win, Italy will try to conserve energy and avoid further colorful cards. Well, one more boring game, hopefully one of the sleeping strikers will finally explode. And I don’t mean Sheva. And the Azzurri affirm they want to play for Ex-Teammate Pessotto.

June 29, 2006 at 1:42 pm 1 comment

Italia Campione del Mondo – part 1

Of course Italy seems to be the logical favourite today against Australia to reach the next round. However there are several circumstances which might make me anxious:

1. Guus Hiddink is coach of the Australians. He has been coach of South-Corea 4 years ago, the team which eliminated Italy that time in the quarters. However, it’s been not Hiddink, who eliminated Italy, it’s been the unpire somewhere from Ecuador or Venezuela, who has been suspended afterwards.

2. With Bresciano and Grella two players earn their money at Parma in the Serie A. 4 years ago the Corean goalgetter Ahn also played in Parma I believe. However he had to quit his engagement after the tournament. So I don’t believe, the two Australians want to meet Ahn’s fate and keep their jobs.

Although I’m expecting a game hard as bone, we will not see so many cards after yesterday’s experience in Nuremberg. Forza Italia!

June 26, 2006 at 9:38 am 2 comments

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