What a Comeback

July 1, 2006 at 9:51 pm Leave a comment

Wow, that’s really a big surprise. After their first Games I’ve never expected to see France in the Semi-Finals. I was sure that Brasil will win today, although they, too, didn’t play very well. But looking on this Team with all this great players I see no passion in their game. They were just doing their job, that’s all. The Goal of France was symptomatic for that. Five french Player versus 3 Brasil defender and four other Brasil Player in the second row, just staying there, looking and doing nothing. What was that?

And Zidane has found his magic again. Maybe not that much he had earlier. But he made a good game and had some very good situations. I am really surprised how France found back again into the Game. I expect them to win again Portugal, although Portugal will have Deco back again. But I thing France has a better Flow at the moment. Portugal wasn’t playing really overwhelmingly. Ok, England made it’s best Match in this World Cup, so it was a hard fight for both teams. But nevertheless I think that France has played better than Portugal.

And England is out. I wrote after their second game that they won’t reach the semi-finals. And I was right. Both “ever-secret-favorites” Spain and England are out again. The Fate of the World Cup has it’s own rules. One of this rules is, that Germany wins all his Penalty-shoot-outs and England looses them all. That’s Football.

So it will be Germany vs Italy and France vs Portugal. The chances are high, that the Final will be Germany vs France. We will see.


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